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Postpartum Care Offerings

Personalised after birth care offerings for women, both online & in person.

​With, Isabella Ridler 

  Why did no one tell me about this  ? 

This was nothing like I'd imagined. I looked around at my birthing space. Despite all of my preparation and effort, the space was decorated with a few blood-stained towels and a now dwindling fire. 

I looked my man in the eyes, a new father. His blood-stained jeans and tender eyes. We were overwhelmed, in wonder at our newborn son arriving from the natural birth we'd dreamed of. As I led my son to begin his first suckle I was dazed. I'm here after nine months of waiting. A full night of surrendering to all that is birth now fading and a crisp reality surfacing. 

I had months of planning, reading, courses and endless conversations with mothers surfacing. I was searching for an understanding in myself that I hadn't heard or read about before. 

My after-birth space was ready, reusable nappies in hands reach, nourishing snacks at the ready, and a kindle prepared with motherhood books to dive into while I recovered. My fridge was full of nutrient-dense meals. I had a full 40 days of meal plans ahead of me. I was ready to cocoon myself in bed, only returning to the world as a mother. 

Oh, I'd covered it all.  Belly binding, massage oil, organic nipple creams, sister on call, organic cotton baby clothes, warming teas. The lot. 

And I remember thinking. 

Oh, I wasn't ready for this... Oh, I was not ready for THIS. 

Hi I'm Isabella,


Before motherhood I spent an eight year journey in self-healing. Sitting in ceremony, unveiling my childhood traumas, honouring truth, knowing what needs to change, and truly doing the self-work. I remember experiencing new motherhood like going into an initiation blind, it was truly like nothing I'd experienced. 

Without the support, knowledge, and guidance as a new mother, I was left to navigate this confusion alone.


Researching on my phone while my baby was at my breast, I felt discomfort as I asked my partner to fetch me another drink. I knew he was holding everything together for our new family. Piles of washing, cooking stews and even holding space for all the family members that didn't respect our boundaries.

We weren't ready. 


A few weeks later my partner reached his limit in supporting me in all the ways that he could. I felt it sink in. I was going through what others called postpartum depression but through the years of self-work, I'd done before I knew this wasn't that. It was a soul crisis. 

I was in the midst of some hallucinogenic journey. I'd been ripped open and met myself for the first time. Now blind trying to figure out what I was going through.

Why was I grieving my own birth?

What were these confusing memories of my traumas coming through as thoughts? 

What was all this rage of all my unmet needs surfacing?

Through Mind, Body and Soul exploration i'll show you...

Women, I've walked through this, I've been there. I know the struggles in this state of  emergence. I've discovered what I needed and didn't have. And I understood all of the difficulties that arose. Physically, mentally and spiritually.


You don't have to walk alone in this. 

I'm committed to letting you know what's happening. I'm going to be the woman that uncovers and unpacks this before you walk blindly into it.
I'm going to talk straight about what is happening to a woman after birth.
Instead of being alone in this, you'll have a woman who gets it. Who knows this and who'll let you feel it all but let you know it's ok too.


Messy hair, raw nipples and heart poured open. 

No more pretending I'll sit with your tears or laugh with you in your baby bubble bliss.  


This is real. 


This is it. 

This is Motherhood!

Motherhood was the initiation I was looking for_edited.jpg

A look into what we cover together?

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 09.26.49.png

Looking for 
More details ?

Together we'll cover... 

• The Five key points to Postpartum care - Rest, Warmth, Bodywork, Nutrient Dense Foods, & Community. Discovered by my teacher Rachelle Garcia Seliga.


• The benefits to practicing different traditional cultural healing modalities.

• Exploring movement and the importance of rest after birth

• Preparing your body during the stages after birth 

• Looking at your home and how to create the best space for you 

• Practices that focus on healing 

•A look at Sex & Pelvic health after birth

• Guidance on mothering after birth - Breastfeeding, gentle parenting, co-sleeping, elimination communication & mothering from your innate knowing

• How to mother in JOY once you honour yourself first! 

Motherhood was the initiation I was looking for_edited.jpg

How a session together looks ...

Each session will vary depending on what stage you are at postpartum.

 1:1 Video Calls

• Consistent communication via Telegram  - Responding to all your confusions and questions. With the addition of sharing reminders, offering findings, & giving general loving support. 

• Teachings & given knowledge on cultural practices that support the window after birth. How? What? And firsthand experience of navigating them all.

• Tender emotional support, including birth story processing & counselling. 

• A reading list and other personal loved resources relevant & related. With the addition of information regarding your needed preparation and recovery.

• A personalised mailed box containing some essentials to nourish you through your journey. 

• Shared nutritional requirements to support healing. 

Example topic: Preparation in breastfeeding. Covering tried recipes, snacks, and hydration solutions. 

• An optional arranged video call with partners and or family members. Creating a better understanding for everyone in teaching the importance of Postpartum Care. 

 I love to offer in-person support, also. Feel free to contact me for an exact location & availability. 

It includes all of the above and more. 

• Closing the bones ceremony

• Bodywork focusing on warming the body and supporting the body's natural ability to heal.

• Listening, demonstrating, and tending to mother and father with intelligent and emotional support

• Supplying nutrient-dense foods and recipes

Want an in person session?

Birth from within

Heal supported

& then Mother in joy

Isabella Ridler

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