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& Birth Guidance 



 Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional 

 soul-work teachings and support during Pregnancy & Birth 

  1:1 Online and In Person 

 Birth witness (Optional)

 With Isabella Ridler 


Do you want your very own village medicine woman during your maiden to mother journey?

Need a woman that understands your TRUE spiritual & emotional needs?

Do you know in your heart that birth is a SACRED non-medical event?

Would you like additional support and education outside of the system while you navigate your journey into motherhood? 


Are you seeking knowledge in all things Wild Pregnancy and Unassisted Birth?




​I'm so glad you're here...

Looking back at my own journey through Pregnancy into birth, navigating it all alone, I really desired a woman who was connected in Mind, Body and Spirit

that I could say something to, like..


I’m scared

I'm wanting to free-birth but my family/community doesn't support this


I have body image issues arising as my maiden body is changing 

My previous Birth wasn't what I had dreamed of


My mother and grandmother both had traumatic births can we talk? 


How can I create a sacred space for my Birth to unfold?


I was looking for that one woman who could give me Guidance in all my Physical concerns,

Mental concerns, and Spiritual concerns.

Dear Women, 

​ I read all the natural birth books, did the online courses, and listened to mindset meditations. Yet, I found that throughout my Birth and Pregnancy, I craved and lacked the warmth, comfort and clarity from another woman.

Connecting to your Soul during Birth and Pregnancy can provide you with insights from messages, deeper understandings and profound healing. 

Pregnancy and Birth are often understood as just physical and emotional transformations. 


But what if we had more knowledge, ceremony, tools, and transmissions to the connection and acknowledgement of our Human spirit during this time also? 

Pregnancy and Birth can be truly emotional times. Which is good! It's our body working precisely as it should. I often remember being pregnant, and even though I was familiar with mind, body, and soul wellness, I underestimated how much would arise for me during this time.

With one foot in one world and one foot in another most days, it was natural for me to be able to make the link between Birth and my soul.

Many women are already busy in relationships and existing motherhood, so it can be difficult to remain connected to spirit while holding everything together.


Having someone empathic and in touch with this space to  keep you on track with everything that arises is something to consider as a gift to yourself.


You might yet to have an experience connecting to the soul. Birth can be a great time to start. I'm here to provide tools to connect you to this part of yourself.

So when you have a problem, and it's arising physically, I'll answer all your concerns and questions, and share healing and support specific to your female physiology. And with the acknowledgement of your Soul work too! I'll help you to join the dots and open space to the idea that this could be the Soul communicating through your body.

Because I learnt that in Birth & Pregnancy, It all needs acknowledgement. I’ve seen how the psyche tends to get in the way of life, especially as we give Birth.​

My offering in the unlimited situations that Birth and Pregnancy can provide is to pull out resources and honestly figure out what's going on from a place of calm and compassion rather than fear.

Coming into your life during this sacred time is an honour for me and a chance for you to be fully present with the new life inside you.

With Love, 



Untitled_Artwork 2_edited.jpg

How it all began...

And mostly!


as a mother, 


you will have innate knowing to know if something is up with your baby. 

After I consciously conceived, I did what most women do in England. I took up my supposed mandatory standardisation appointment at my local NHS.

I entered a cold, sterile environment as a radiant mother in her baby bubble bliss and left with fear lodged into my whole being. I remember the fearful words and the mistrust in me as a mother when I said I'd thought about birthing at home, in my place of warmth and love. 

I'll never forget how I was measured with conventional prenatal instruments. Received unloving latex glove prodding and met with austere disapproval after deciding not to vaxx my baby and me. 

In my years of schooling, I was about to blindly follow the path set up for me. I had not known any other. 

I had a profound realisation and thought that wasn't what I was looking for! 

After this experience, I began to search for alternatives to birthing outside the medical system. I eventually discovered the term free birth and was so confused at the time about this.​

I'd always been a woman involved in self-work seeking alternative solutions to what currently exists. So I knew I wouldn't involve myself in a system that believes birth is a medical emergency.​

I also knew I'd taken myself out of the system by living for so long, travelling, spending time in jungles, living in the mountains, and reconnecting to my soul and the divine. By now, I had an inner understanding that
birth was a Sacred event. In contrast, the many stories I'd heard surrounding birth from family or messages in mainstream media weren't supporting this. ​

But I do remember still questioning myself a little...

What about cutting the cord? 
Who will catch the baby? 
Was it even legal to have my baby alone? 
What does a birth setu
p look like?​

I began investigating and debunking "gradually" everything I'd been conditioned to think surrounding birth.

​Like, how a baby fresh from the womb covered in vernix doesn't need washing because this coating will protect them during their first week. That vernix is not something that needs to be cleaned up and hidden.


Or how the first few moments together, skin to skin, are more important than a few numbers on paper marking a record of your baby's weight.


Birth &  Pregnancy
in relation to Soul-work

I didn’t expect how much Pregnancy and birth would bring up wounds and shadows from my past. As my stomach, breasts and womb began to expand, I was being forced to grow too. I would often experience intrusive thoughts and emotions.

Despite being in relationship to soul and emotionally aware at the time, it was a confusing realm to navigate. I wished I had a woman to navigate this vulnerable space with me. To guide me with tools, and to allow the pockets of tender openings that arose within to be seen as more profound opportunistic moments for transformation.

IMG_0313 2_edited.jpg

​​As my belly, womb and breasts stretched & expanded in pregnancy, I simultaneously experienced an expansion happening to me emotionally and spiritually. ​

 I will help you to .....

  • Explore birth as less of a medical emergency and more of a sacred time to honour

  • Create an understanding into birth & pregnancy as an endless opportunity for soul work

  • Become in deeper relationship to your wild self

  • Explore Triggers, Shadows & Projections 

  • Practice and explore your relationship to the divine and its connection to birth

  • Experience emotional and spiritual guidance 

  • Receive conscious mothering preparation with support in carrying baby, sleep methods, breastfeeding, attachment, & more. 

  • Prepare a co-creative plan that explores birth mindset, fears and birth space 

 You will receive ...

  • Nutritional Advice designed for you and your baby to thrive 

  • A custom list of resources, recommendations, videos, books & recipes

  • Knowledge of tools & techniques used in many cultures and ancient traditions around the world in connection to birth & pregnancy

  • A personalised gift box delivered to your home in relation to your birth & pregnancy needs

  • Planning for afterbirth with access to my postpartum care offerings 

 Our Communication details..

•  1:1 Mentorship calls : responding to related concerns and questions. 

• Text & voice note support via telegram for any questions that arise. 

• An optional 1:1 60 minute call organised for a Father

with the chance to speak to a man who has walked the path already.

 Can you attend my birth? 

Of course! Even though I free-birthed with just my partner, I also respect why another women wouldn’t. I’m not here to judge. Through my own experience I felt that Birth, is Primal and Raw and in our bodies innately as women, It doesn’t need to be controlled. Once we have the trust in ourselves. 


I also understand why you might want another woman present.

I’m here to inform you with your right to birth 

however you choose. 

A free offering for you ⇊

Birth & Beyond Guidance To Navigate Your Journey

Containing all of the advice I had with me or needed in my Birth & Beyond journey. I hope this helps you in your passage of becoming a mother.


Birth from within

Heal supported

& then Mother in joy

Isabella Ridler

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