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I'm a Free Birth Mama who has Innate Traditions Postpartum Care and Physiological Newborn Care training. Please, ask for more information on all my trainings Check my About for my personal journey.

Online POSTPARTUM Planning

This framework of education supports mothers and families in preparing for postpartum. 


We will cover: 

Soul-work, 40 days of rest, Meal & Food Planning (What to eat and what to avoid), Emotional Health during Postpartum, Baby items, Self-Care, Herbal remedies, Family support, Newborn care and More. 

Personalised POSTPARTUM Care 

I support women up to 12 months postpartum via video call


I will direct the call to meet your specific needs. This can range from Emotional Support, Trauma, Breastfeeding, Nutritional Advice, Life as a new mother, Boundaries, Sleep, Prolapse Support and Optimal Recovery.


Plus +

  • Personalised intuitive Guidance and knowledge throughout our call. 

  • Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional Soul-work teachings

  • Innate Postpartum Care techniques and knowledge 

  • 10 years + of resources, books, recipes, research, videos and teachings


In-person POSTPARTUM Support 

My postpartum care support includes Mind, Body & Spiritual Wellness for Mothers, Soul-work, Bodywork, Physiologic Baby Care and Breastfeeding Advice. 


Please note there will be less of a focus on household chores. 


A 3-hour session can include the following:

  • Supplying cooked appropriate nutrient-dense meals, snacks, herbal teas and remedies. 

  • Education and Guidance 

  • Warming treatments

  • Bodywork - moxa, belly binding, abhyanga massage, steaming, closing the bones, herbal sitz 

  • Breastfeeding Advice 

  • Newborn care support and Guidance 

  • Birth story processing 

  • New Mother rituals and Advice

  • Spiritual and emotional support 


Find out more here 

*Please contact me for packages 

Pregnancy and Birth Guidance

*Optional attendance at your birth 


We will cover: 

Soul-work, Nourishment, Previous Birth Stories, Stages of Labour, Free Birth Education, Pain and Fear, Birth Partners, Preparing Space, Herbal Suggestions, Magical first Hour, Placenta, Newborn Care, Breastfeeding Advice and Postpartum Preparation 

Find more here 


I welcome all women to walk with me online or in person (depending on my location). You can choose to have 1:1 support throughout your 9-month journey or book sessions individually when needed. How many sessions you need will depend on how much Guidance, or loving support you are looking for. 

MOTHERS Ceremony 

These offerings are for mothers up to 2 years postpartum but can also be great closure for a loss or separation   

I will arrive 30 minutes early to prepare the space 

Closing the bones 

(intuitive time scale ranging from 1.5-2 hours) 

Closing of the bones creates an energetic and physical closure from pregnancy and birth expansion. It also closes the pelvis after birth, creates inward energy and welcomes the transition of motherhood.

Here is an article written on Closing the bones by my teacher Rachelle Garcia 


(Lasting 40-50 minutes)

Helps to tonify the spleen after birth, supports healing, brings warmth and nourishment through heat, aids cold out of the body, creates a sense of security, and helps with blood deficiency. 

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