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Hi, I'm Isabella.


After the birth of my son, in a fire-lit cottage one afternoon in England with just me and my partner, I became a mother. 

Despite all the self-work I had done before having a child, after giving birth I found that nothing applied to my experience as a Mother. I had all the insights, tools, self-help books, and gurus online, but I found nothing that helped me with what I was experiencing. 

Part of my journey is to understand the missing pieces culturally that we are deprived of as Mothers today. In mothering, birth-work, and postpartum. 


For many years I have immersed myself in exploring self-healing, inquiring into the understanding of the TRUE mind, body and soul wellness, through an interest in nutrition, health, and spirituality.

I've been travelling for nine years as a way of soul searching, discovering tools, seeking teachers, and practising different cultural healing traditions within Central & South America. 

I've now chosen to walk with Women worldwide using the healing arts, and mentoring women through self-healing as a Mother.

I'm spending most of my time...

Thinking of new ways to be, pushing my creative boundaries and discovering all the magical places to explore and new ways to live. 

Home for me is when I’m living in conjunction with nature when the idea of Wildly Mothering is more of a commitment to simplicity and the art of letting go of cultural norms. 


I love connecting to land, spirit, nature and culture.

so when i'm not working with women worldwide in person, I create many offerings and opportunities online via Teachings and 1:1 Guidance.

Are you ready to walk with me in your own journey.. 

In love Isabella 

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